CNA Long-Term Care Insurance

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CNA Long Term Care Insurance provider based in Chicago Illinois. The insurance company offers a wide range of insurance products that range from personal to business. You can get a customized business insurance that helps reduce the business risks and increase profitability. The CNA Long Term Care Insurance Login can be done on the website of the insurance company.

Logging in and making CNA Insurance Payment is easy. If you are authorized to manage your account you can simply go to the website and fetch their credentials there. Read below to find a walkthrough of the insurance login and payment.

How to Log into CNA Long Term Care

Step 1– Customers who wish to sign in need to open the website ( of the CNA.

Step 2– Once you find the sign in section, enter the username and password in the respective spaces. Click ‘Login’ and you will be taken to the account dashboard. Now you can pay bills online, update account details and more.

Pay CNA Insurance Bills

Make an Online Payment

To pay CNA Insurance Bills Online the customer will be required to log in first. Once signed in you will find the ‘Payments’ button.

Select a method for payment and you will be required to confirm.

Pay CNA Insurance Bills through Phone

Customers who are willing to make the payment using the phone lines need to call at (877-262-2727). Provide the login details and payment information to complete the insurance payment.

CNA Insurance Claim

Step 1– To make a CNA Insurance Claim the customer needs to go to the claims page of the insurance company.

CNA Insurance Claim

Step 2– Next you will find the ‘Report a Claim’ section below. Select a claim type from the drop-down menu and you will be directed to the next steps.

CNA Insurance Claim Phone Number

Willing to make a claim through the phone. You can call at 877-CNA-ASAP or 877-262-2727 and follow the steps as directed by the automated call.