Emblem Health Insurance Login, Bill Payment & Review

emblem health insurance logo

Policyholders of the Emblem Insurance can Log in to their account for account management, bill payment and more. The Insurance Company is widely known for its health insurance products. You can get a complete coverage of all health risks and uncertainties. The sign is provided to the members, employers, brokers as well as providers. The post below will take you through the Emblem Health Insurance Login, Emblem Health Insurance Review, and phone number.

The insurance company is based in the United States and has the largest non-profit health plans. If you are an existing policyholder you can stop by the login and payment steps, else read the Emblem Insurance Review.

How to Log into Emblem Health Insurance

Step 1– Policyholders are required to open the website (emblemhealth.com) of the Emblem Health Insurance.

Emblem Health Insurance Login

Step 2– At the left of the screen would appear the sign in section. Enter the user id and password and click ‘Sign in’.

How to Pay Emblem Health Insurance Bills

Pay Online

Step 1– For making the insurance payment online, you must sign into your existing account. If you have not yet enrolled for online access you can register at the webpage of the Emblem.

Step 2– Once the account management console opens the user will find the “Payments” button.

Pay through Phone

For making a payment through the phone lines call on 1-877-411-3625.

Emblem Health Insurance Review

Willing to compare the Emblem Health Insurance with other insurance providers. Here one can find a customer based review that lets you choose the best plan for yourself.

The non-profit health insurance provider providers a broad array of coverage options, Medicare plans and family plans. If you are a resident of the United States you can get the coverage. However, the insurance. Let’s have a glance at the rates and consumer review of the Emblem Insurance.


The Emblem Insurance Company is a huge one, and so the rates and fee is a little high. If you are willing to pay more, then you would remain on the safe side.

However, it is quite easy to make a quote. Sometimes the rates inflate to $742 per month for the Select Care Platinum plan, which is a zero deductible plan.

Consumer Review and Ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has provided the Emblem Health Insurance with an A+ rating. However, there is the least number of complaints filed against the insurance company in the past 25 years. 61 complaints in more than 2 decades are too low for such a huge company.